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"The great strength of Orkney's culture lies in its People"

Magnus Linklater, MBE

A Ten Year Strategy for the Arts

Orkney’s distinctive cultural landscape has evolved over thousands of years and the arts have without doubt played a hugely significant role in shaping the islands, the people who live here, and those who visit. Orkney has provided the inspiration and situation for some of the most talented artists and unique works of art of the 20th and 21st centuries and because of this it has a reputation that extends far beyond its own shores. 

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Strategic Themes



Children and young people will be able to harness their curiosity, imagination and problem solving skills to achieve educationally, secure employment and confidently navigate life. Through new friendships and dynamic partnerships artists and organisations will foster collaborative cultural leadership and a more resilient future for the arts. 


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Orkney's Landscape has long been a source of inspiration; a consistent theme and the defining influence amongst Orkney's most well-know musicians, writers and makers. Artists continue to be drawn here by this legacy, by visions of land and sea, distance, departure and safe harbour.




Individuals and communities will be able to access and participate in a diverse range of high quality arts activity. Increased opportunities for people to experience the arts and also to become the creators of art will help improve mental and physical wellbeing, tackle social isolation and enable people to develop important skills.

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Orkney’s Creative Future - A Ten Year Strategy for the Arts

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